Welcome to the Ilima Partners Blog

by ilima on July 29, 2013

IP-RevLogo-72dpiWelcome to the Ilima Partners blog. As founders of Ilima Partners, Hilary Glann and Sky Runser will be making regular posts on various marketing and business topics. Our goal is to make this blog both informative and entertaining, as we tackle issues facing those of us working in marketing today — covering personal as well as professional issues.

We will discuss issues that we hear from our clients, topics we read about in the press, or general chatter we hear from friends and family members. Most of our posts will be on a single topic, but we will also create multiple posts to cover more complicated topics that we have thought about over the years.

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, so we are surrounded by the latest and greatest inventions, plus a significant amount of mature technology that is facing restructuring and consolidation. At the same time, new tools are making marketing more targeted and measurable than ever before. This tension between maturing technology and innovative marketing will provide inspiration for many articles.

We’ll be posting to this blog one to two times each week, and will invite others with interesting opinions about marketing trends and issues to write guest blogs as well.

Above all, as first-time bloggers, we try not to take either ourselves or this blog too seriously, and will focus instead finding interesting topics to tackle. So we look forward to having you join us on this journey, and feel free to suggest any marketing topics that you would like us to explore.